About Us

Creation Machines , LLC was founded in 2014 by John Zuro , a veteran workstation technician with over ten years experience building high performance Mac , Windows and Linux Systems .

Creation Machines builds workstations primarily used for audio editing , still image editing , video editing , mathematical and scientific data processing , live theater projection , dome projection , astrophotography and architectural projects .

In 2016 , Creation Machines built the fastest GPGPU-based rendering engine for still image and video editing in the history of the Mac community as an experimental project .  It was stable and did not thermally throttle during its extensive stress test and garnered three world records in a single day .

Creation Machines is currently the only independent company in the United States that remanufactures Mac , Windows and Linux workstations , providing our clientele with the reliable and long lasting Systems they need at affordable prices .

Our products are found in demanding studios and shops from New York City to LA / Hollywood and all points in between .