Q : What is a remanufactured workstation ?
A : A remanufactured workstation is the highest possible grade of previously owned product , where the product is rebuilt from scratch to “like-new” condition in terms of performance and comes with a significant limited warranty .  Remanufacturing involves a very time consuming process designed to provide the product with a high degree of reliability and longevity .

Q : What is a refurbished workstation ?
A : While industry definitions vary , a refurbished workstation is basically a previously owned product that has been verified to work properly without having been rebuilt . This might involve repair work .

Q : What is an used workstation ?
A : An used workstation is simply a previously owned product that may or may not work properly .

Q : So, for the same product , what’s the condition ranking , in descending order ?
A :
New (best)
Broken (worst)

Q : Can the classic Mac Pro’s aluminum chassis be repaired ?
A : Nope .  Due to the physical characteristics of the metal and its finish, it is impractical to repair the dents , gouges , separations and scratches on a chassis . That’s why we have a grade system for these chassis . Upon request , we can send you actual high resolution photos of the product’s chassis before purchase .